Windshield Crack Repair Kit

We have been successfully operating in India since our inception and are now the industry leader with presence across India. In co-operation with our overseas partners we continually improve and refine both our technology and equipment to give our clients the best quality service available.

Worldwide automobile windshield repair has become a billion dollar industry, with millions of repairs are being performed each year using our high tech Glass repair kits. Glass technology’s windshield repair kits give you a technological advantage over competitors allowing you to perform windshield repairs others don’t touch. Here in India it is being distributed through our channel partners

SPECTRUM windshield repair kit

We have been marketing world renowned Spectrum windshield repair kit.The Glass Technology patented SPECTRUM Windshield Repair Kit is the best hand-operated windshield repair kit available in the market , with new PRISM Technology,here PRISM stands for Pre Resin Injection Suspension Method. PRISM utilizes a separate side resin chamber that allows for a completely efficient dry vacuum rather then the old way of trying to pull air through resin which is covering the damaged area. Why would you put the resin in the break before you have vacuumed out the air? It doesn’t make sense does it? Don’t let others tell you.

The Spectrum incorporates a stainless steel Prism injector designed to produce the highest vacuum available in a hand-operated system without using syringes, additional hand pumps, or other unnecessary and awkward devices. Because of the simplicity of the design, (which leads to reliability), and with its ease of operation, (which results in minimal repair time), it provides a more complete and efficient repair than other hand-operated tools can provide. If you are still using a screw injection system why not update to the most effective technology?

What is PRISM technology?

Most other windshield repair tools try to vacuum the air out of the damaged area after they have introduced resin onto the glass or in the injector. Therefore they are now forced to remove the air through the resin instead of removing the air before you allow the resin to contact the windshield glass. PRISM holds the resin off the glass while the air is being vacuumed out. This direct air to air exchange is immensely more effective then the older methods of pulling the air through the resin. Once the air is removed the injector allows the resin in a side-chamber to flow into the glass. Then and only then is pressure used to fill the damage area with Diamond Clear windshield repair resin. The results are dramatic when compared to older methods. Some older systems still don’t even have a vacuum, they say they can replace the air by forcing the resin into the break using displacement this is not effective. For some it is apparently easier to say you don’t need something then to improve their product. Prism technology makes windscreen repair perfect.

The SPECTRUM windshield repair kit is available through our channel partners & you can email your queries regarding the product to or to call our helpline number +91 9582560056 or can send sms.

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