We have been successfully operating in India since our inception and are now the industry leader with presence across India. In co-operation with our overseas partners we continually improve and refine both our technology and equipment to give our clients the best quality service available.

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Business opportunities:

Indian economy is expanding at very high rate and as per the last year’s data 3 million four wheelers have come on Indian roads and expecting a double digit growth in the years to come. The economic downfall had not affected the sale of cars in India and the auto industry analysts and observers see the growth to continue in coming years too.

With GLASSLOGICX you are positioned to enter the untapped windshield repair market and can represent the world’s most technologically advanced windshield crack repair & scratch rectification systems.

Windshield scratch rectification / glass renewal is altogether a new concept in the Indian market and there is little to no competition for the business. For this very reason, this can become add on business for the existing car workshops and for young entrepreneurs. You can earn endlessly by incorporating this service to your existing product line and also contribute by way of conserving resources & energy to the Mother Nature.

GLASSLOGICX understands what India needs :

GLASSLOGICX is currently in the process of developing Exclusive Distributors and Franchisee for Windshield/Automobile headlamps restoration business at different locations. We offer 2 types of licenses:

Distribution Opportunities:

Become an exclusive distributor for our innovative comprehensive product range for windshield renewal, headlight restoration & Windshield crack repair and more for a particular territory. This is designed for those who wish to enter the lucrative business in a specific state and get the opportunity to work exclusively. We offer exclusive distribution rights for the unrepresented states / province in India.

Franchisee Opportunities:

Designed for those who wish to enter the lucrative Glass and headlight restoration business in a specific city or town.

Benefits of association:

Be a part of rapidly growing windshield renewal industry that offers customer’s enormous savings in money & time also contribute to save the environment.(Please Refer*“repair is Green” page) You could become one of the esteemed member and enjoy the opportunity to run this lucrative business for our entire product range and represent your territory on behalf of GLASSLOGICX, we will supply you all the equipment & supplies with marketing material and full 24 x7 technical support.

We provide complete Training, Equipment and round the clock back up.

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