Why Glasslogicx

GLASSLOGICX is an undisputed leader in the glass scratch rectification service industry in India and representing Glass Technology Inc, USA’s www.gtglass.com products in Indian market and have got the exclusive rights for its operations. We have been representing world’s most technologically advanced windscreen repair and glass scratch removal systems and supplies. The GT Glass has harnessed years of experience to develop best-in-class products. We here at GLASSLOGICX, committed for the world class services and our business philosophy is to make a strong network of franchisees all over India for untapped windshield repair business.
We have revolutionized the concept of scratch rectification in India and offering a wide array of services to its customers say Scratch rectification (doesn’t matter how deep it is) etched glass, or hard water stains removel services .

Repair VS Replacement

Our Glass restoration system ensures distortion free glass repair and the windshield / Glass looks as good as new one.
Following are the benefits of Windshield polishing / repair over windshield replacement:


Windshield Polishing / repair costs less then 25 % of the replacement cost.


On an average windshield repair takes 30 – 45 minutes.

To retain original strength:

As original fitting provide a powerful bond to vehicle so as to prevent air and water leak also contributes immense strength to the vehicle along with the pillars. Safety tests have shown that the windshield plays very important role in vehicle structural strength, but this is only possible if the windshield get repaired & not replaced.


The machine required for this purpose is portable and easy to carry.


As all over the world, windshield repairs / renovation are preferred over the replacement by customers as well as by the insurance companies, In future Indian insurance companies may prefer repair over the replacement, so that they may save the enormous replacement cost.

Our sole aim is to educate the customer to retain the original fitting intact and get it repaired at reasonable prices and save the money and time.

Why replace the glass when we are here to repair?

Please don’t waste your hard earned money for expensive replacements as worldwide repairing is considered the best option as replacement of glass may be expensive, difficult to install, take too long to obtain, sometimes unavailable or simply just not the preferred option.

Glasslogicx is engaged in providing GLASS SCRATCH RECTIFICATION services for commercial & residential properties and offers the alternative to expensive glass replacements. Our team of fully trained technician’s can eventually rectify any of the problem arise due to vandalism. .We can effectively remove scratches from any type of glass. Our state-of-the-art glass scratch removal services effectively remove light to medium scratches and very deep scratches that can be felt with your fingernail. Our adaptability in providing different glass restoration services has earned us a good reputation amongst our clients as glass restoration specialist.

We have saved our clients hard earned money by removing scratches against glass replacement. Usually we can restore glass for 25% to 50% of the replacement cost.

We can effectively remove scratches and rectify any of the problems related with the glass. Our glass restoration services effectively remove light to deep scratches that can be felt with your fingernail. Our versatility in providing glass scratch removal services has earned us a solid reputation with our clients as GLASS RESTORATION EXPERT.

YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO ENVIORNMENT: This is an environmentally friendly process as it keeps glass out of our landfills and eliminates use of energy and materials required to create new glass. By way of glass restoration, we can protect our natural resources & Mother Nature as the glass takes almost 1 million year to decompose

Our motto save money. Save time. Save the Environment.


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