GLASSLOGICX is the India’s only glass repair service provider dealing with all types of problems related with the glass.Now a day’s glass has become an essential structural constituent of every structure. With the help of the routine cleaning glass cannot be kept stain and scratch free, which is a common problem being faced in day to day life.

GLASSLOGICX is a service organization having skilled staff with an expertise in this field, which provides maintenance services for facade building glass, double glazed thermally insulated windows, laminated & toughened glass window panes shower screens, glass roofs, glass railing, conservatories, glass cubicles, delicate glass furniture’s & tabletops etc and to endless applications at very competitive rates with an emphasis on efficiency & promptness of service.

Now with the invention of the innovative “glass renewal” technology, these problems can very well be rectified at affordable prices.

We are interested in gaining the confidence of the institutional customers and providing them the best of the services on contractual or need basis. We hope you will spare some of your precious moments for the demonstration of the technology and give us a chance to serve your esteemed organization.

We hope that our expertise in this field can save worth millions of rupees of glass panes and contribute to save the Mother Nature.


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