Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Can all types of glass be repaired?
A. Glass having coating on its surface cannot be repaired.

Q 2. Can car windshields be repaired?
A. Yes, laminated windshields can be repaired.

Q 3: Are the scratch repairs visible?
A. Not at all, No body can find out that it has been repaired.

Q 4. Will it work on curved glass?
A. Yes, but with some precautions.

Q 5. Will it work on tinted glass?
A. Yes, if the colour tint is throughout the whole thickness of glass.

Q 6. Does your system work on mirrors?
A. Yes but with utmost care. A mirror is just a piece of flat glass with a very thin reflective coating.

Q 7. Can scratches be removed from tempered glass?
A. Yes, the difference between the annealed and tempered glass is that it has been heat treated to get additional strength for safety. It works very well on tempered glass. Scratches can be removed from any piece of tempered glass with no visible or infinitesimal distortion, which cannot be observed at a glance.

Q 8. Can GLASSLOGICX really restore our scratched or acid etched glass windows to brand new?
A. Certainly,Yes. GLASSLOGICX has extensive experience in removing scratches and damage from glass, we can repair glass more quickly at less expense than replacement. We at GLASSLOGICX take utmost care during the restoration process and have perfected the technique and different processes involved to be able to provide a perfect glass repair.

Q 9. Can we remove hard water marks, mineral deposits, acid etching marks and any sticky substance from the glass surface?
A. Certainly, yes. These marks can be polished out and the glass will look like a brand new.

Q 10. Will the scratch treatment weaken the glass?
A. Most of the people are not aware that scratch has already weakened the glass. Glass has almost no resistance against tension, the slightest amount of force in expansion can cause rupture. The presence of a scratch in the glass will weaken the surface integrity of the glass and cause a breaking point to open up. Basically we are not strengthening the glass rather removing the strain from the surface of the glass by removing the scratches from its surface.

Q 11. Shall we remove the glass for the treatment?
A. No need to remove the glass from the original fitting as we will provide the services on the site itself.For More Information Call us at +91-9582560056

Q 12. How close to the edges can you polish the glass?
A. Our system works well right up to the edge of the glass.

Q 13. Can glass polishing remove mineral or hard water spots from the shower glass?
A. Yes, it works very well in hard water areas and these spots can be removed with ease. After the glass polishing treatment a special chemical treatment with liquid diamond shield is done on the surface. It is the perfect follow up procedure for shower glass. It is designed to protect your glass from the high TDS level which causes hard water staining. Its unique nano coating can prevent further deterioration as it works as water repellent. With the help of our unique service, we can keep it glittering and stain free.

Q 14.Can scratches that grab a fingernail be removed?
A. Certainly, yes but with utmost care and expertise as it is very time consuming process because we shall have to remove lot of glass from the surface to reach the bottom of damage.

Q 15. Will there ever any distortion after scratch treatment?
A .We shall have to remove some glass to reach the bottom of the damage done by the scratches, obviously very slight chances of distortion may be observed. Any glass restoration system that removes some material has the potential for distortion. That is why experience and expertise is so important for such jobs.

Q 16. How deep of a scratch can you remove?
A. Fairly deep scratches of 0.004″ can be removed with no visible or infinitesimal distortion, which cannot be observed at a glance.

Q 17. I have sand-papered the glass while removing the paint spray from the glass surface. How can we rectify the problem?
A. With simple glass polishing, you can’t achieve the desired results. You shall have to use different abrasive discs for the scratch removal then polish the surface with polishing compound to get the sheen back.

Q 18. Will the glass scratch removal make the repaired area look dull?
A. No it won’t as after the scratch removal treatment, we will polish the surface with high grade polishing compound till the glass get its original luster back.

Q 19. How does your system work?
A.The scratch is removed by a process called “micro replication” in which microscopic pyramid shaped abrasive particles grind down the glass to the bottom of the scratch. Then a special polishing disc is used in conjunction with water to restore the glass to a new like clarity

Q 20. How long does it take to remove a scratch?
A. It is mostly dependent upon the number of scratches ,scattered or concentrated at one place ,its depth and length .An 8 inch scratch that you can feel with your fingernail might normally take 20-25 minutes to remove and restore it.

Q 21. What would be the charges for the demo?
A. Demonstration is absolutely free, we will charge for conveyance only.

Q 22. What area will GLASSLOGICX work in?
A. We provide services on all over India basis

Q 23. How much does it cost to have scratches removed?
A. The cost of repairing light to moderate scratches is usually approximately 30-40% of the replacement cost very rarely around 50%.

Q 24. Are the fees the same in any circumstance?
A. No, it depends upon the nature of damage as well as the quantum of work.

Q 25. What is “Anti-Graffiti Film”?
A. Anti-Graffiti Film is a 4 mil / 7 mil thick clear scratch resistant film that we apply to glass to prevent the graffiti and vandals.


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