Headlight Restoration KITS

Over a period of time the Headlight Restoration Services its original sheen due to several adverse environmental factors. The factors responsible are harsh UV rays, road debris, bird droppings and acid rain combined with the heat of halogen bulb will damage the protective hard coating, and overall a very hazy appearance develops on the acrylic headlamps. This damage will restrict the headlights ability to project its beam during night. These forces convert the expensive pair of headlights into very unattractive pair and at the same time lose the important function of “illumination”. Our headlight restoration system restores the appearance to factory like condition at a fraction of cost of the replacement.

We at GLASSLOGICX restore the original appearance as well as optical quality of headlight at the fraction of cost of replacement.

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GLASSLOGICX also provide a acrylic restoration service where we will remove the scratches, polish and generally renovate acrylic, polycarbonates etc ourselves for you our client, or alternatively we can supply you with suitable equipment to do it yourselves.

For many years now the use of plastics has taken over what once was traditionally the domain of glass. The special purpose compounds and applicators provide efficient means of restoring all types of plastics and acrylics to a virtually 100% restored state at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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